50 Ways to Protect from EMFs: #1 – Basic Principles

When it comes to EMF protection there are a few basic principles that may seem like common sense but they give a good indication for where to start as well as how to move forward in reducing your exposure to EMFs and creating a healthier environment at home.

While you may not have any control over the mobile phone masts that are in your area, or the level of EMFs you are exposed to when you leave your house, you do have control in your own home.

You decide what devices you have in your home, when they switched on and more importantly when they are switched off. You can identify what the main sources of EMF radiation is in your home and actually do something about them.


The first thing to do and the best place to start when looking to protect from EMFs is to look at what you use and simply reduce it.

Reducing the time you use anything with an electrical current will reduce your exposure.

Do you use your mobile phone for an alarm clock? If so, could you switch to a battery operated alarm clock instead (NB not a plugged in radio alarm – use a battery whenever possible). Or failing that can you put your phone on to Airplane mode?

Take note of what you are using on a daily basis in the first instance and track your usage. Creating awareness is the first step to taking action for anything.


Distance is your friend for any sort of radiation including EMFs. Any amount of distance between you and your phone, your laptop, your wi-fi router will be highly beneficial – even an inch or two will make a difference.

Of course it helps to know what the source is and where the EMFs are coming from and that’s when something like an EMF Home Assessment survey can help.


The third thing you can do to protect from EMFs is to shield. This involves a protective shield using special materials or fabrics to create a physical barrier between you and the source of EMFs.

It’s important to note that when using shielding materials the frequencies tend to ‘bounce’ off them so unless you create a complete faraday cage which protects from all sides, you may actually create hotspots of radiation on one side or another. 

If you are considering shielding as a protective measure in your house it may be worth seeking professional advice before you invest in the materials you will need.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about shielding in your home.



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