What is Electric Smog?

The term Electric Smog can be used to describe any artificially created electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our modern environment. This ranges from the mobile phone frequencies you use to make a phone call, the wi-fi in your house (High Frequencies), to the wiring in your walls and the solar panels on your roof (Low Frequencies).

There are now tens of thousands of research papers that look at the evidence of the harmful effects of EMFs. More are being published and the majority of them, approx 70%, clearly demonstrate that there are adverse affects to our health and wellbeing.

So, what can you do to reduce your exposure and ensure you and your family are not suffering as a result? 

How to reduce EMFs at home

The important things to remember when looking into Electric Smog and EMF Protection in your own home is that:

  1. There are solutions available, in most situations, to help reduce or eliminate the radiation in your home.
  2. There are simple things you can do yourself that don’t involve any cost.
  3. You do not necessarily have to give up all the modern conveniences that we are fortunate enough to enjoy.

Find out some of the top things you can do at home to reduce your exposure with immediate effect.

Additional Protection

Airtube Headset
Grounding Mat
Dirty Electricity Filter