When preparing the nursery for a new arrival, one thing that parent’s often have on their list of things to buy is a WIFI Baby Monitor. As with all modern technologies, Baby Monitors have developed from the older corded, analogue models, to high tech wireless video monitors that connect to the WIFI in the home and allow parents to watch their babies sleeping via their computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.

What parents are unaware of is that they are potentially putting their child’s health at risk by choosing a WIFI Baby Monitor.

According to WiredChild, having a WIFI Baby Monitor less than one metre from the baby is roughly equivalent to having a mobile phone mast 150 metres away.

If a phone company were to suggest a new phone mast anywhere near a school there would be wide spread disagreement from the public, petitions and objections from all directions.

Yet parents are still largely unaware that the same risks apply when choosing a WIFI Baby Monitor and putting it in the nursery, even attaching it to the cot.

Alternatives suggestions:

Plenty of parents manage perfectly well without the use of a baby monitor, preferring to rely on staying within hearing distance both for daytime naps and sleep at night. This might mean moving the nursery to the room next door to your own bedroom or even having the baby in your own room.

If having a baby monitor is essential to your baby’s wellbeing or your own anxiety levels as a parent there are plenty of safer options to choose from than a WIFI Baby Monitor.

  • Get a wired or plug-in version which uses the electrical wiring from the house to communication between the units.
  • Do not place the monitor closer than 1 metre from the cot.
  • Use a low band-width analog (not digital) model – 35-50 MHz, non pulsing models.
  • Avoid high frequency digital models.

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