50 Ways to Protect from EMFs: #2 – Airplane Mode

Written by Health Indoors

Want to know how to protect from EMFs? This is the first and most basic thing you can do to protect yourself and start reducing the impact of EMFs on your health.

Your mobile phone is likely the biggest and strongest source of EMFs in your life. You have it with you all day long, some people even sleep with it beside their bed, or even take it with them to the toilet!


Even when you’re not using it, unless your phone is in Airplane Mode or completely switched off, your phone is constantly sending out frequencies – it is endlessly looking for that signal, that connection so it can send you notifications when emails come through, text messages, WhatsApp messages etc.

So even if your phone is just sitting in your pocket, you are exposing yourself to the frequencies all day long and the health implications that go along with that.

emf protection airplane mode health indoorsSeems relatively simple, but just turning on Airplane mode you will immediately reduce your exposure.

If you’re able to turn on airplane mode during the day and only use your phone to check-in on messages that will make the biggest difference.

Certainly it is a must at night-time to turn on Airplane Mode. Better yet, avoid having your phone in the bedroom at all, but if you use your phone as an alarm clock then Airplane Mode will ensure that at least your sleep isn’t disturbed by your own phone.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular

There are three different ways to connect to different frequencies using your phone – the regular cellular network (3G, 4G, sometimes even 5G now!), Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth.

Turning on Airplane Mode will normally turn all three of these off but its always best to check. If the Wi-Fi or bluetooth buttons are still blue, then they’re still on so you need to turn them off individually.

Additional Tip:

If, during the day you know that you do not have a connection to a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth device – turn off these connections on your phone. That way your phone will not be searching for them all day long and will help to protect from EMFs.



Further EMF Protection for phones

As mentioned in other posts the first steps to take in order to protect from EMFs are to reduce your use, create more distance and a third aspect is to shield.

If you don’t yet have a shielded mobile phone case I would suggest that you look into getting one. I’ve had mine for several years now and always feel uncomfortable using my phone without it.

The phone case that I use is like a pouch with EMF protection fabric on one side to shield from the frequencies. The other side is unshielded to allow for the network connections.

When on a call, if I’m unable to put the call on speakerphone i place the shielded fabric between my head and the phone – that way the EMF radiation bounces off and travels the other direction, instead of going directly through my head.

protect from emfs mobile phone case emf protectionWhen carrying my phone on my person, i always place the shielded fabric between myself and the phone. This creates distance and protects my body from that direct contact with my phone.

This is the case that I use, from EMF-Protection, if you want to look into getting one for yourself. There are different sizes so make sure you get the right size for your phone so that it doesn’t slip out accidentally. They have a 30=day return policy so you could always swap the size if its slightly wrong.

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