Memon is a “bionic instrument” using technology learned and created from nature which is designed to harmonize and re-nature your environment.

how does memon work emf protection
A basic electromagnetic carrier wave, aka EMF

Memon works to negate the harmful effects of mobile phones, Wi-Fi, DECT cordless phones, Low Frequency (LF) radiation, High Frequency (HF) radiation, Geopathic Stress and other modern technologies that affect our health and wellbeing.

To understand how memon works for EMF protection we need to look at the quantum level of our world. At this level, everything is energy and vibrates at different frequencies. Dynamic vibrations have two dimensions, informational and energetic, and it is through these that they affect our physical systems.

how does memon work emf protection
A wave carrying harmful pathogenic information with it

Not all information and energy promote a healthy environment. EMFs for example send information that affects the very state of our cells, as do environmental pollutants and geopathic stress.

Memon works by interfering with these harmful vibrations at a quantum level, using specially modulated quartz crystals.

Quartz – as used in computer chips, watches etc – has its own frequency and when modulated emits frequencies that help to restore the natural state as discussed below.

The Resonance Principle

how does memon work emf protection
Memon creates a complete ‘mirror opposite’ copy of the wave carrying harmful pathogenic information.

Living cells are vibrational circuits that are vulnerable to the daily exposure of EMFs. Memon technologies work by negating the effects of this exposure using destructive interference to the harmful aspect of the wave.

With memon technology, a wave is produced that is identical to the frequency of the disease causing vibration but 180 degrees out of phase. Similar to noise cancelling headphones, the harmful effect of the wave is removed although the wave itself is not affected.

Energetic Polarisation

Electromagnetic waves have a physical and energetic spin as they travel through the air, which is known as polarisation. Right spin is healing and nurturing and left spin is destructive giving rise to disease and illness. Man-made EMFs are predominantly left turning. The Memon technology operates primarily at the right-turning end of energetic polarisation, which allows for better regeneration and healing for all kinds of life-forms.

how does memon work emf protection
The ‘mirror waves’ and the originals then cancel each other out.
Like adding +1 with -1 to get 0

Negative Ions and Ionisation

In nature, the ratio of positive ions to negative ions is usually 2:1 or 3:1. In buildings, due to the lack of sunlight and exposure to EMFs, the ratio of positive ions is even higher.

When the number of negative ions in the air increases, like before a thunderstorm or when you stand beside a waterfall, we feel uplifted and energised.

Memon acts to restore the natural balance of positive and negative ions in the air and re-establish a healthy indoor environment.

Adapted from text by Leonard Stafford, GeoBiologist –


It should be pointed out that memon® Transformers are not medical products and are not specifically recommended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. It is also important to note that many Physicians and Doctors in Europe, the USA and Australia with decades of experience in treating complex illnesses with both conventional and holistic healing strategies have seen clear evidence of improved patient response when the memon® transformers was introduced to their environment.

Memon devices have not been evaluated by the FDA and, therefore, no health-related claims can be attached to these