How to Reduce EMFs at Home

Written by Health Indoors

Why is it important to reduce EMFs at home?

It’s no coincidence that traditionally we would go to sleep when the sun sets and the natural electromagnetic environment quietens down.

However, our modern technologies have invaded the whole spectrum of frequencies and again this natural cycle is now constantly ‘ON’, 24 hrs a day.

This is having a massive impact on our bodies. We are designed to live close to the land and the earth’s magnetic field.

As we have modernised we are exposed all day to electro-pollution from man made frequencies which cause our internal ‘battery’ to run down, unless we can recharge with the natural frequencies we need from nature.

We can do that by spending time outdoors in nature and as well we can make changes to our home to lessen the impact.

How to reduce EMFs at home

Our bodies are electrical. Sleep is when our bodies restore and repair, so the sleep environment is the most important place to get right.

During sleep, our brains send electrical signals to the body to restore and repair, to flush out toxins etc.

  1. Switch off your mobile phone at night. Buy a battery alarm clock
    If you must use your phone as an alarm, use Airplane mode
  2. Remove DECT cordless phones. Replace with corded phones
  3. Switch off your wifi router at night – get a timer plug that does it automatically if you’re likely to forget
  4. Use a corded baby alarm, not a wireless one
  5. Avoid any of the newly popular smart hi-tec body monitoring devices

Interference from man-made frequencies can mean that the brain’s signals don’t get through to the body and when that happens over a prolonged period, the body is not able to maintain balance.

The messages to restore, repair and eliminate toxins aren’t getting through. It’s not unlike those times we get interference during a mobile phone call – something is cutting across the call and we can’t hear very well.

Further EMF protection:

Browse our other articles on reducing your exposure to EMFs at home and in particular during sleep. There are plenty of things you can do for free, as well as the highly effective shielding measures you can put in place.

If you’re interested to know the levels in your own home, I offer a Home Assessment service to come and investigate how high the levels are and recommend what solutions you might want to look further at.

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