How are people using magnetic technologies?

Firstly, to reduce discomfort in the body caused by ageing and injury. By placing magnetic accessories and magnetic wraps on hurting and distressed parts of the body, such as areas that move and bend frequently, (like knees, elbows and backs) many people experience significant relief from varying degrees of discomfort.

Secondly, for deeper, more refreshing sleepspecialist magnetic mattress pads and pillows are an increasingly popular choice compared to conventional mattresses. Better sleep means deeper rest, increased energy when awake, greater mental alertness and generally a more relaxed, stress-free lifestyle. People sleeping on magnetic mattresses have also reported tremendous relief from stressrelated health problems.

Thirdly, for increased energystrength and balance people walk on magnetic shoe inserts. This gives a healthy foundation to help get through a busy day.

And Fourthly, professional and amateur athletes alike are using magnetic technologies to increase their performance. By incorporating magnetic pads and wraps into training, athletes are able to increase theirstrength, energy, flexibility and stamina – important factors in gaining a competitive edge and a healthier workout. And by utilizing a magnetic mattress to sleep on, the deeper sleep and greater rest allows for quicker recovery from intense training or competition.

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