What are Nikken Magnets?

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While many of us may not be familiar with the uses of magnetics, they have been used successfully for centuries in other parts of the world. Naturally produced magnets are called Lodestones and were used in ancient China, Japan, India, Egypt and Greece to help people enjoy better health.

So what are Nikken magnets? Nikken Magnets are a fundamental part of the entire range of wellness products available from the well established Japanese company, Nikken. Nikken have been researching and developing magnetic technologies since 1975 and the launch of their first Magnetic Insoles – KenkoInsoles®.

Since then, Nikken’s research teams have continued the process of research and found that the more complex the magnetic fields, the more effective they are on the body. As a consequence, a number of further developments designed and adapted for different applications are now available.

What are Nikken Magnets – Overview

Magnetic Tension Technologies:
Nikken’s most recent magnetic developments feature opposing poles in magnetic tension, which bring some of the 3-dimensional complexity of the Dynamic Technology into a static form, using special magnetic designs to prevent demagnetisation in the process.

RAM (Radial-Axis Magnetism) Technology:
Special compact modules feature clusters of six small spherical magnets rotated 60 degrees from each other so that they produce overlapping magnetic fields in tension, for increased field complexity.

Spyder RAM:
Similar to the RAM module but on a larger scale for larger applications, a series of spherical magnets are set in opposition in a flexible, web-like design, adapting the flows to your body.

Field Gradient Technology:
An array of bipolar magnets designed to create a complex field of magnetic energy around our bodies, utilising multiple polarities and flux.

Dynamic Magnetic Technology:
More complex than static fields, our massage products use this technology to create a deeply penetrating 3-dimensional moving magnetic field.

Nikken’s advanced DynaFlux® Technology further develops Nikken’s magnetic tension technologies into increasingly compact form factors, achieving thinner and more powerful configurations for ever more exciting applications.
nikken magnets dynaflux

EQL Magnetic Technology:
Equilateral Magnetic Technology uses a patented design that increases the magnetic surface activity by creating a complex EQL array of alternating North and South poles.

This multiplies the number of positive and negative poles, maximising the complexity and number of flux lines possible on a flat surface, edge to edge.

Nikken Magnets and Energy – Product Range

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