Sleep better, Naturally

Effortlessly Slip Into The Deep, Luxurious, Rejuvenating Sleep Your Body Craves, Night After Night

Without Over-the-Counter Drugs Or Prescriptions and
Even When Everything Else You’ve Tried Has Failed

  • Wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, clear-minded and sharp
  • Experience a natural surplus of energy, elevated mental clarity and a happier, more optimistic mood
  • Boost your body’s ability to purge harmful toxins, turn the dial up on recovery from health challenges, boost immune health and help reverse chronic illness and disease
  • Reset your circadian rhythm so that you can drift off to sleep at night and stay alert during the day

What People are Saying...

“I can’t tell you how much I love this duvet! Before I had bought the quilt, I was finding it hard to have a lie in as I had anxiety dreams. Now I can happily spring out of bed with the sunrise, but also comfortably lie in when I choose. When I lie down I immediately feel a sense of relaxation. It’s like having a hug. I am never too hot or too cold. I notice myself and others being lighter in spirits when they’re lying on the quilt – my partner, the dog included! I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to transform into the lightest brightest version of themselves and all in their sleep!”

What People are Saying...

“This duvet was the one product that allowed me to go from sleep deprivation to sleeping soundly through the most stress of my life but still maintaining great sleep!”

Want to Know the Secret to Overcoming Sleep Challenges That No One Is Talking About? Keep Reading…


  • Is poor sleep jeopardizing your health, work life, and relationships?
  • Do you stare at the ceiling for hours each night while your mind races in circles?
  • Do you start the morning groggy, exhausted and irritable?
  • Is your exhaustion causing you to overeat, reach for sugary treats and caffeine to keep you awake, and lash out at loved ones who don’t deserve it?
  • Have you tried every other sleep hack, trick, medication, and remedy with no results?

The secret to overcoming sleep challenges and getting quality sleep night after night isn’t loading your body full of sleeping pills or other medications…

Bring your sleep environment closer to nature!

Research has shown that the great outdoors is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your sleep.

However it’s just not practical to move outdoors and camp, every night!

What if you could bring those same beneficial elements into your home so you can cocoon yourself in that energy to help support and relax your body into deep, restorative sleep?

Technologies that harness the benefits of nature

By replicating the energies found in nature, one company from Japan, Nikken, has woven special technologies into a duvet so that you can cocoon yourself within conditions that more closely correspond to nature – for deep relaxation and transformational sleep quality!


Energy of the Earth

The magnetic array throughout the quilt creates a subtle field of magnetic energy for relaxation and relief of discomfort.

As well as improving the quality of sleep, it means that all sorts of aches and complaints can be eased over time as the body is cocooned within conditions our body would previously have found in nature.

Far Infrared

Energy of the Sun

Far-Infrared Technology uses ceramic coated, reflective fibres to absorb heat energy from the environment (e.g body heat) and radiate it back as gentle, calming warmth to help soothe the body throughout the night.

This eases tension, helping you to sleep deeply and if woken in the night, drift back to sleep.

These fibres can also release any excess heat, helping you to maintain a constant temperature that’s not too hot or too cold.

Negative Ions

Energy of the Air

The KenkoDream Quilt increases the sensation of wellbeing by releasing negative ions to provide you with the sensation of sleeping in nature.

Walking through a forest or beside a waterfall is relaxing because the air in these places contains high amounts of negative ions.

Nikken applied this idea to the Kenko Dream Quilt, adding Ionic Comfort Technology.

Quantity vs Quality

Good sleep is not just a matter of clocking up 8 hours each night. It’s also about the quality of your night’s rest.

Magnetics, Far-Infrared and Negative Ions combine to wrap you in the energy or the earth, the sun and the air to bring all the subtle benefits of nature to help you sleep deeply and restore energy and wellbeing every night.

magnets can help you relax

The effects of magnets to relax the body can be seen with athletes, especially golfers who always want to improve their swing and can apply magnets to improve their flexibility. (Watch a demonstration in the video below)

Health practitioners will also use magnets as part of their treatment, placing them on the surface of the skin to stimulate nerves in the area. This causes the body to release endorphins and accelerates the effects of treatment.

If a person is under continuous stress and nervous tension, it becomes difficult for the body to access the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system to relax the body. Magnets induce many of these relaxation and calming benefits normally handled by the parasympathetic nervous system.

Studies have shown how sleeping with magnetics in a duvet or mattress topper helps the body relax and ease the tensions in the body, so that people can fall asleep more easily.

Magnetics, much like acupuncture, re-establishes order in the energy system and thereby allows the body to restore itself.

Reduce Acidity in the Body

Far infrared waves of the sun are that part of the light spectrum most responsible for the ripening of fruit, reducing acidity and making fruits sweeter.

In the same way, wrapping in a far infrared (FIR) duvet provides an overall reduction in general body acidity during sleep.

The results are there to be experienced, promising rapid relief from acid stomach and from bodily aches, strains, bruising, and so on. Longer term deep seated challenges can take longer to recover from but it all happens while you sleep so couldn’t be easier!

As the body acidity levels drop, a healthier alkaline level starts to be restored.

Anxiety and Feeling safe

Snuggled into the quilt feels like having a hug all night. Children love the cosy feeling of being wrapped up in a far infrared duvet and will nestle into bed happily when they feel this natural cocooning warmth.

It literally makes you feel safe, so once tucked up in bed, it can lessen the anxiety for a child learning to settle into their own bedroom.

And for anxious stressed adults, the all night hug is a great feeling when drifting off into deep relaxing sleep.

This makes it an ideal support for people who suffer from sleep walking or other sleep disorders that are triggered by stress and anxiety.

Many people who suffer from anxiety and depression find the calming warmth of far infrared helps alleviate these problems.

temperature control

Why not try a duvet that actually regulates temperature and matches the correct degree of warmth that each person needs?

Far infrared technology woven into the fabric of a duvet such as Nikken’s KenkoDream Quilt will do just that and helps each individual maintain a constant and comfortable level of warmth through the night.

This is why some people call it a smart duvet as it responds naturally to your own body temperature, cooling when you are hot and warming when you are cold.

We all naturally radiate far infrared heat every day and it is that human warmth we feel. Hands on healers know how to create an intense warmth using this long wave heat during a healing session. Some people describe this as feeling like a warm hug.



Clinical insomniac from the age of 8 until she was 20 when she learnt about Nikken’s Sleep System…(6 mins)

Children’s Sleep

A 10 year old child who had never slept more than 5 full nights, gets better sleep with Nikken’s Duvet…(2mins)

Children’s Sleep

9 year old and 4 year old children, helping them transition into their own rooms and sleep through… (3mins)

like acupuncture without needles

Sleep, Anxiety, Cramps

Skeptic Sleeps better without knowing why!

The Link Between Poor Sleep and Disease

Sleep disorders increase the risk of developing an autoimmune condition by 50% (2)

Sleeping less than 6 hours per night increases risk of obesity by 55% in adults (90% in children)

Sleeping less than 6 hours per night increases risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%

Ready to finally help your body get the rest it craves so you can take back control of your life?

Revolutionary technology and the finest materials make the KenkoDream® Quilt perfect for any climate. A magnetic layer completes the cocoon effect with ceramic-reflective fibers that help release heat to keep a comfy temperature.

Innovative chitocotton contains chitosan for a breathable cover that helps ventilate while looking great on your bed.

Transform your health in your sleep!

135 X 200 cm
£ 219.00

160 X 210 cm
£ 270.00

200 X 200 cm
£ 318.00

220 X 225 cm
£ 349.50

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i order a KenkoDream Quilt?

Please get in touch with the person who sent you the link to this page.

Alternatively, please visit this page and choose a person who you resonate with and click on their image to get in touch or place your order.

What is the KenkoDream Quilt made of?

100% cotton outer cover. Cotton with absorbed chitosan, a natural antibacterial agent inner lining. Ceramic polyester filling. 

Can you wash it?

Recommended to dry-clean only but most people wash it on a wool wash or 30 degree wash. DO NOT put in the tumbledryer.

Are there any contra-indications?
If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker, or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not use or wear magnetic products. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy, or anyone who has a health problem should first consult a physician before using magnetic products. Do not place magnetic products in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, credit cards, portable electronic equipment, etc.
I'm a health professional - can I purchase these for my practice or with my clients?

Absolutely! We encourage you to. After using this product yourself, we encourage you to apply for a consultant account.

  • Place orders at wholesale prices
  • Drop ship directly to clients
  • Allow your customers to purchase directly through a personal website link and generate commissions on all sales

It is just £20 to register. We’re eager to work with you and we appreciate your support. Please get in touch with the person who sent you the link to this page to find out how to apply.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes – please get in touch with the person who sent you the link to this page and let them know where you would like to ship it to.

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