Nikken MagBoy / MagDuo®

The Kenko MagDuo®, a new model of the Nikken MagBoy, is a compact and portable magnetic massage device.

Nikken Magboy updated

The Kenko Magduo® is the new version of the Nikken MagBoy and consists of two magnetic spheres featuring unique DynaFlux® massage nodules, housed in a protective carry case, designed to help ease tension and stress with its rolling motion.

  • Exclusive DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology for deeper penetration of flux lines
  • Incorporates Negative Ion and Far-Infrared Technologies
  • Massage nodules provide a relaxing, stimulating massage
  • Compact and lightweight, it can be applied to any part of your body
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Ease Discomfort

Nikken has found that the more complex the field, the more powerful it is, and the MagDuo® is probably the most powerful and fastest-acting of Nikken’s magnetic devices to help relax muscular tensions, discomfort, and stress.

The spheres can also be removed from the case and used individually or together for targeted relief.

The DynaFlux® technology further intensifies and extends the magnetic coverage, whilst the spheres also release Negative Ions and Far-Infrared ceramics release absorbed energy as a comforting heat.

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