Earth’s Natural Magnetic Field

During most of our existence on earth we have always lived close to the land and the earth’s magnetic field. Today this natural magnetic field is in decline and is presently at one of the lowest levels since man evolved on earth.

Additionally, as we have modernised, we have further reduced our exposure to an already weakened field. Nowadays people also spend most of their time indoors and our internal “battery” runs down from exposure to electro pollution, stress overload, and less than perfect diets.

The earth is one big magnet, with a north pole, a south pole and a magnetic field that surrounds the earth.

The field produced by magnets helps to correct imbalances in the magnetic flux of the body, created by devices that produce an electromagnetic field such as computers, televisions and other electronic devices.

When the magnetic fields are applied correctly (polarity, intensity and frequency) there is a significant reaction in the body for the improvement of problems, the alleviation of discomfort and the general promotion of well-being.