What is Far Infrared?

Sunlight is made up of different wavelengths that are combined to produce what we know as “daylight”. Most rays of sunlight are not visible to the human eye, but can be felt as warmth on beautiful sunny days.

Among the total spectrum of solar rays coming from the sun, Far InfraRed or FIR waves are the safest and most beneficial. FIR penetrates deeply with a uniform warming effect.

The Far Infrared wavelength is that which governs all growth and development of life in nature.

Far Infrared Technology

Far Infrared technologies use ceramic reflective fibres that absorb heat energy from the environment – body heat for instance or warmth in the room – but unlike other materials they do not dissipate it and instead radiate it back as gentle, calming warmth.

Far infrared rays penetrate through the layers of the skin to reach deep tissue. By applying heat to body tissues, blood circulation in that area increases. Better circulation helps our body improve its pH, detoxifies, recovers and makes tired and sore muscles soothe and relax. Muscle spasms tend to reduce in frequency and intensity.

Nikken Far Infrared Technology

Nikken have developed a range of KenkoTherm wraps which incorporate ceramic reflective fibres to support your joints. You can also maintain your exposure to far infrared rays with any of the following from Nikken’s range:

Nikken KenkoTherm Support Wraps