Is PiMag Water Cheaper Than Bottled Water?

Written by Health Indoors

If you’re wondering whether PiMag Water is cheaper than buying bottled water, then you’re in the right place.

The Environmental Cost

Firstly it depends on whether you’re talking about the cost that impacts your bank balance, or the cost that impacts the planet.

The bottled water industry is HUGE and with at least 8 MILLION TONS of plastic waste entering our oceans every year, this issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

We can we do our bit by rethinking our consumption of single-use plastics.

Financial Cost

We’ve put this comparison together based on a family of four who each drink 2 litres per day.

The likelihood is that you can get further mileage out of your PiMag Waterfall filter as you can also use the water for cooking, house plants and pets.

    Additional information:

    • The cost for the PiMag filter is higher in the first year due to the cost of the filter system itself.
      PiMag Water Filter cost = £263.00
    • Replacement Filter Cartridges recommended use is 3 months.
      Filter Cartridge cost = £35
      Auto-shipment discounted price = £31.50
    • Replacement Mineral Stones recommended use is 1 year.
      Mineral Stones cost = £29.00
      Auto-shipment discounted price = £26.10

    The average cost of tap water in the UK is 0.1 pence per litre (


    First Year

    Water Filter:
    1 x PiMag Waterfall filter (incl. Filter and Mineral Stones): £263.00
    3 x Filter: £105
    Total = £368.00

    Tap Water:
    0.1p x 8 litres = 0.8p / day
    0.8p x 365 days = £2.92 / year

    TOTAL: £368.00 + £2.92 = £370.92

    Per Day = £370.92 / 365 = £1.02

    £1.02 / 8 litres = £0.12 per 1 litre of water

    Subsequent Years

    4 x Filter: £140.00
    1 x Mineral Stones: £29.00
    Total = £169 per year

    0.1p x 8 litres = 0.8p / day
    0.8p x 365 days = £2.92 / year

    £169 + £2.92 = £171.92

    Per Day = £171.92 / 365 = £0.47

    £0.47 / 8 litres = £0.06p per 1 litre of water


    At any one time the average UK consumer has access to 55 brands of still, bottled water.

    A 2l bottle of a well-known branded bottled water currently costs 84p – 42p per litre

    At the cheaper end you can get a supermarket’s own brand of still water for 25p for a 2l bottle – 12.5p per litre

    Disadvantages of bottled supermarket water:

    • Unfiltered
    • De-natured
    • Chemically ‘cleaned’
    • Stored in plastic

    Annual Cost of Bottled Water

    Using the same calculations as for the PiMag Waterfall based on a family of four you can see the annual cost of an average bottled water brand as well as a cheaper basics brand of water:

    12.5p x 8 litres = £1 per day
    £1 x 365= £365 per year

    42p x 8 litres = £3.36 per day
    £3.36 x 365 = £1,226.4 per year

    Conclusion – which is cheaper?

    Nikken’s PiMag Waterfall is clearly the cheaper option at just 0.06p per litre.

    Even in the first year it is comparable to buying the very cheapest bottles of water available at 12p per litre.

    And you get the additional health benefits of drinking alkaline, structured water which is much easier for your body to absorb. Tastes better and hydrates better.

    Better for your health, better for the planet!

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