PiMag Water Filters On Sale – 20% Off

PiMag Water Discount – on sale until 17th April 2021

Was £263.00 – NOW £210.41

When it comes to having enough energy all day, everyday, you may be overlooking the main source of energy, the fuel that each and every cell in your body needs to work properly.

That fuel is nature’s living water in its purest form. It’s delicious, thirst quenching and it’s what we need to be well.

Are you drinking water that is de-natured and barely alive?!

Yes – the ‘life force’ in your water matters a whole lot when it comes to energy. Pure water flowing from a natural spring is whole healthy water and is our fuel for life and for our health and healing.

Pi Water, “Water of Life”, was discovered more than 30 years ago in Asia, during research on plant growth cycles and is now incorporated into PiMag Water Filtration Systems.

PiMag systems replicate the conditions found in nature and with the application of a magnetic field as well as a multi-stage gravity flow filtration process, offer a unique way to transform your tap water into quality, structured, alkaline water that supports your health and the environment.

This is the water I recommend to you not only for its health giving qualities but because it is delicious and affordable too. If this is new to you there are some great videos and sites to read more about it.

PiMag Water Discount is available until 17th April 2021 and offers a full 20% off!

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