PiMag Waterfall Troubleshooting tips and Set-up Instructions

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This guide has been put together to help you through all the steps of setting up you filter as well as any PiMag Waterfall troubleshooting tips and tricks you may find helpful.

PiMag Waterfall Set-up and Assembly

Prior to assembly of your PiMag Waterfall Filter, compare the main diagram with your PiMag Waterfall Water System, and make sure all the components are present.

Assembly Instructions

PiMag Waterfall Troubleshooting

1. Wash the inside of the water fill tank (E), the supply tank cover (F) and the inside of the water supply tank (G) with water and a mild detergent or soap.

IMPORTANT: Do not use a scrubber sponge or dry with paper towels. Rinse both tanks very thoroughly. Do not wet the battery compartment when washing.

  • Place the supply tank on the base (H).
  • Remove mineral stones from package, rinse thoroughly and place inside the supply tank.

IMPORTANT: Do not put mineral stones in the circular recess located in the center of the supply tank. This space is required for inserting the filter column.

The water tap (I) is provided fully assembled and attached to the tank.

2. Place the supply tank cover (F) on the water supply tank (G). Place water fill tank (E) on top of this cover.

3. Remove packaging from filter assembly (B, C, D). Pull off the top cap (B) of filter assembly and set aside. Remove all 5 pre-filter pads (C).

4. Place the filter cartridge upright in an empty pot or pail, with the top of the cartridge upward. Slowly fill the pail with cold water.

For PiMag Waterfall Troubleshooting with filters, please see below for common issues.

IMPORTANT: Do not use hot water. Do not use soap or detergent to clean the cartridge.

  • Continue filling until the level of the water is just below the top of the cartridge.
  • Do not overfill.
  • Do not allow the water level to cover the top of the filter cartridge.
  • Place the five pre-filter pads inside the pail.
  • Allow all the pads and the cylinder to soak at least 8 hours.
  • If the level of water in the pail drops, refill as necessary. For best results, exercise care to avoid submerging the top of the filter cartridge (this will trap air inside and may result in slower filter rate). For more tips on PiMag Waterfall Troubleshooting, see below.

5. After soaking is complete, reassemble the filter cartridge, 5 pre-filter pads and top cap. Install the assembled filter in the Waterfall unit.

6. Remove the cover (A) from the top of the Waterfall tank and fill the unit with cold water. Pull outward on the water tap lever to lift until it locks in the open position, for draining.

  • Fill and drain the unit while the tap is open, for two full cycles
Refilling the Tank

Do not overfill the PiMag Waterfall unit. If the lower (supply) tank is 1/2 full, do not fill the upper (fill) water tank more than halfway. Overfilling the tank may cause the unit to overflow.


Keep the PiMagWaterfall® Gravity Water System away from direct sunlight.

Hand wash the water tanks periodically (approximately once a month) to keep them clean and free of deposits. You may use a mild detergent or soap.

When cleaning the unit, do not use a scrubber or paper towels, which may result in scratches on the surface. Use a soft cloth to dry.

The 5 pre-filter pads may be rinsed or flushed if it becomes discolored or water flow is reduced. Use cold water only.

Do not boil the filter cartridge. Clean only by rinsing in cold water.

Component Replacement

The replacement filter must be prepared by soaking (preferably for 8 hours) before installation. Follow steps 3 through 5 as described in the Assembly Instructions above.

After changing the filter (and pre-filter pads), reassemble the Waterfall. Fill the unit with cold water.

  • After the water has filled the supply (lower) tank, pull outward on the water tap lever to lift until it locks in the open position, to drain the Waterfall. Fill and drain the unit while the tap is open, for two full cycles.

Filter cartridge life will vary, depending on amount of use and water quality – usually every 3 months.

Recommended replacement for mineral stones at least once per year.

Where to Order PiMag Waterfall Replacement Parts and Filters

To order PiMag Waterfall Replacement Cartridges and Mineral Stones directly from Nikken, please visit: www.nikken.com/eu/HealthIndoors or click the following links to be taken directly to the pages for filters or mineral stones:

Alternatively, you can order from this website via this page: Replacement Filter Cartridges and Mineral Stones for PiMag Waterfall Filter

PiMag Waterfall Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

These are the most common problems for PiMag Waterfall Troubleshooting. For any other issues or guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Problem : Water has a disagreeable taste or odour.
Cause : Poor water quality or filters need replacing.
Solution :

  1. Check quality of water used in system.
  2. Clean prefilter pads.
  3. Replace filter cartridge.

Problem : Reduced water flow through unit.
Cause : Air retained in pre filters.
Solution : Remove all five (5) pre-filter pads, compress them by squeezing each one under water to expel air bubbles, replace.

Problem : Unit is leaking
Cause : Loose seal at the water tap
Solution : Make sure that the magnetic tube (inside the water supply tank) is firmly tightened. Do you over tighten.

Problem: Water tank has developed algae.
Cause: Water left too long in tank, or unit was placed in direct sunlight.
Solution: Rinse and flush the unit regularly to keep the contents fresh. Keep the Waterfall away from direct sunlight. If algae develops, drain and clean both tanks using water and a mild detergent. Do not scrub. Rinse both tanks thoroughly and reassemble.

Problem: Mineral stones have developed algae or growth.
Cause: Water left too long in tank, or unit was placed in direct sunlight.
Solution: Rinse and flush the unit regularly to keep the contents fresh. Keep the Waterfall away from direct sunlight. If algae develops on stones, remove these, run under cold water and wipe clean. Rinse thoroughly. Replace mineral stones with new ones regularly, at least once per year.

For any other issues you may be experiencing with your PiMag Waterfall Filter, please get in touch to let us know what the issue is and we can work together to resolve it.

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