What is Micro Clustered Water?

What is Micro Clustered Water?

Have you ever drunk a large glass of water and then felt really full or bloated when it ‘lands’ in your stomach?

Water molecules are identified as h2o, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. But these molecules cluster together to form a water cluster.

When water is piped, chemically treated and ‘de-natured’, water molecules tend to clump together into larger water clusters.

Tap water usually has water clusters with around 14-16 molecules. Sometimes water will cluster into as many as 30 – 40 molecules.

This makes it very hard for the body to absorb as the body recognises that it needs digesting – sorting and sifting.

Micro Clustered Water

Water in nature moves through the water cycle we all learned about at school flowing through the earth, evaporating into the sky, falling back to earth as rain.

These natural processes, the free flowing spiralling movement, cause water to become micro clustered as well as becoming harmonically structured. Typically the water bursts into micro clusters of 3-5 molecules.

Water is then absorbed much more readily by the body – it is said to be more bio-available. The smaller, micro clusters can more easily pass through cell membranes.

Consequently, it has the ability to hydrate more quickly and efficiently.

How can I tell if water is micro clustered?

You can feel it absorbing and refreshing your mouth from the moment you drink it.

And an easy way to see the effects of micro clustered water with its low surface tension is to spray some on your hand. Water will not bead on the hand but will pass into the skin cells, assuming no hand cream is in the way of absorption.

Drinking poor quality water actually takes energy as the body needs to process the water.

When drinking the same amount of micro clustered water, it absorbs from the mouth on down. There is no bloating or gurgling stomach as the water is absorbed well and is fully energising.

“I have been searching for the past two decades, for a proper water system, natural water, sprung out from the mountains, streaming down on sand, rocks and pebbles, among the many rocks and stones, charging natural electromagnetic sparkles and waves, twinkling every molecule with sunlight, thus producing living water, nourishing forest and field, which further nourishes all living beings. This is the very essence of Nikken’s PiMag Water System.”
Dr. Michio Kushi, the founder of the Kushi Institute:

How to Make Micro Clustered Water?

Transform your Tap Water into fresh, spring-like water that is easy to drink and tastes like a ‘mountain stream’.

– Advanced Multi-Stage Filtration: Certified to Reduce Contaminants

Alkaline Water Filter: Helps Restore Natural Acid/Alkaline Balance

De-Clusters Water Molecules: Enhances Absorption and Hydration

Re-Nature Your Water: Drink ‘Pi’ Water (or ‘ Living Water’) as Nature Intended

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