How Can Water Affect Your Health?

Written by Health Indoors

Want to know how Water can affect your health? It may seem like a simple thing to suggest but drinking more water everyday will have a dramatic effect on your health, energy and will definitely help to boost your immune system as well.

It is the first place to start but it’s NOT simply about increasing your water intake and drinking 8 glasses a day.

Our bodies are literally made of water! Babies and children have a higher water ratio (75%) compared to adults and are more vulnerable to dehydration.

Water is vital for our body to work properly.

We need water for an enormous number of daily functions, from regulating our body temperature to digesting food and getting rid of toxins and waste products.

It is important to understand that we use and lose water all the time as our bodies perform so many different functions.

Our modern lifestyle and environment are also dehydrating us on a daily basis.

Our diets, lack of movement sitting at desks all day, our heating, lack of fresh air and artificial lighting even.

We need to be replacing water regularly for our bodies to work well, and not just any water.

Real hydration requires a better quality of water.

Have you ever drunk pristine water from a mountain spring or drawn up from the ground – you won’t just drink one glass – you will want to keep on drinking more and more and more.

This is because of the quality of water found in nature – it is energised from the movement as it percolates through rocks and over minerals in the earth, structured into liquid crystals.

Compare this to tap or bottled water which is pushed at high pressure through straight pipes, chemically ‘cleaned’ and essentially de-natured.

Failure to drink enough quality water can cause a whole host of chronic diseases (fatigue, joint pain, headaches, weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes even) and a lack of energy.

80% of western ill health is caused by an over acid body and dehydration.

And it’s important not to just drink tap water – that will have a knock on affect on the other areas we’re going to mention that also contribute to your overall picture of health and as mentioned, its the compound effect of small things you do everyday that make the difference long-term.

Need help drinking more water?

If you’re someone that struggles to drink water, perhaps you simply don’t like the taste or you’re too busy to remember:

We have a a ton of free articles about the secrets of water and optimum hydration so do browse further.

You don’t have to drink 8 glasses of water a day to be properly hydrated:

  • Drink a better quality of water,
  • Eat a better quality of water within certain foods, and
  • Move your body to encourage the movement of water within your cells.

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This is the filter we recommend that takes out the chemicals used to ‘clean’ our water as well as replicating the properties of natural fresh spring water.

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