Memonizer Workstation – EMF Protection from Memon


Protected and harmonized space for office or single room use.


The memonizer WORKSTATION is designed to act as a memonizer COMBI (home system) class of protection, but for a single room or office space only (where you cannot install a memonizerCOMBI or perhaps only wish to cover one single room).

It comes as a five-gang socket extension, whereby your equipment is plugged into it and the field that develops will cover your office or single room.

You can also use this device for hotel room – in cases where the room doesn’t have a key card that turns off the electrics when you leave. If the room is fitted with a key card, then we would recommend the memonizer COMBI single size for easier transport in luggage.

The memonizer WORKSTATION comes as a five socket unit (like a multi-socket extension unit) whereby you plug in your electrical items, such as a computer, television, lamp lights etc. into it and the field that’s built around these appliances extends to cover your small room or office space to provide:

  • Removal of pathogenic information’s from emissions originating outside your room
  • Removal of pathogenic information’s from interferences originating from all equipment plugged into the memonizerWORKSTATION
  • Removal of pathogenic information’s from geopathic disturbances
  • Creation of a natural abundance of negative ions in your small room or office to greatly reduce the presence of heavy, through to fine, particles in your breathing air