Pi-Mag® Waterfall


Create Naturally Alkaline Water

Pi-Mag® Waterfall

The Pi-Mag Waterfall has a modern, compact design using gravity-flow systems and unique multi-stage filtration to create naturally alkaline water while reducing contaminants.WQA Gold seal

✓ Adds trace minerals

✓Adjusts pH to naturally alkalise the water

✓ Ionises to help protect against oxidation

✓ Decreased ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) – more antioxidants

✓ Gold Seal of approval from the Water Quality Association

✓ Reduced clumping of water molecules through magnetic field technology

✓ Gravity filtration requires no electricity or plumbing

✓ Environmentally responsible: made from recyclable, non-leaching materials

pimag waterfall

What is Pi-Mag® Water?

Pi water was originally discovered by Japanese scientists in the 1970’s. Observation had suggested that the water from an isolated hillside stream had a remarkable effect on the plant life in the area.

The scientists examined the environment and found that it contained an unusual collection of topographical features. The surrounding hills contained magnetite and calcium. The watercourse flowed over silicates, the material that forms natural crystal. The water from it was found to have an atypical combination of minerals, and was naturally alkaline.

Duplicating these conditions in the laboratory resulted in a form of this “pi water.” Magnetic technology was added, as a magnetic field assists in conditioning water without adding salt or other chemicals.

PiMag® Water Technology’s unique feature is to combine a system of multiple filters with pi minerals and a magnetic field.

pimag water

The multiple filter provide a defence against a broad range of tap water contaminants. Among the filtration media employed is a natural carbon filter that captures microscopic particles. Charcoal carbon is a natural material that operates on the adsorption principle. It provides a vast amount of surface area for adsorption, and thus makes an extremely effective filter medium.

The PiMag Waterfall®, a gravity-fed device, features several stages of filtration. The water flows between spheres of pi ceramic material during this process. The final stage features a bed of mineral stones, based on the agitation/tumble filtration provided in naturally-cleaned streams.

Take your water to a new level...

Pi-Mag® Optimiser

Having filtered your water through the Pi-Mag® Waterfall system, the water can then be Optimised in a vortex pattern.

The Pi-Mag® Optimiser uses the same forces as those found in nature to agitate the water, naturally oxygenating it for enhanced performance and taking your Pi-Mag® water to a whole new level of excellence as if it had just cascaded over the rocks and pebbles of a mountain stream.

A cocoon of Magnetic and Far-infrared sources reduces the size of individual water clusters, creating Hexagonal Water for more efficient and rapid absorption into the cells of the body.


The Optimiser creates a visible vortex, increasing the amount of oxygen in the water by up to 30%.

Water quality is further enhanced by circulation through a ring of pi- ceramic material and complex magnetic fields.

pimag optimiserThe pi-ceramic materials consisting of calcium carbonate and other minerals to help normalise pH, enhance mineral composition and introduce far-infrared energy to improve the bio-availability of the water.

Create Naturally Alkaline Water at home