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Most Vital For Health

Discover the top three most vital areas you need to focus on to stay well the the modern world.

Drink more water

How important is water for your child’s development? Learn how to help your child to love water.

Your Wellness HOME

What is a Wellness Home and how can you transform your home into a sanctuary of wellbeing?


How Can I Make Structured Water?

Structured Water - Nature Prefers Hexagons Structured Water or Hexagonal Water is how pure clean water exists in...

What is Micro Clustered Water?

What is Micro Clustered Water? Have you ever drunk a large glass of water and then felt really full or bloated when it...

Hoes Does Sunlight Affect Sleep?

How does sunlight affect sleep? Did you know that sunlight can help you sleep better? Our internal body clock responds...

Body Aches When Trying to Sleep

Body aches when trying to sleep is unfortunately a common problem these days. Sleep is the time when our body restores...


These are the most valuable and most used items we have in our home and use DAILY that I could not recommend highly enough.

PiMag Waterfall

PIMAG Bottle Filter

Far Infrared DUVET

Organic Barley Grass