Nikken PiMag Water Filters – Water Pack

A convenient and discounted water pack to bring PiMag Water to your household so you can drink, shower and hydrate on-the-go with Nikken’s PiMag water filters.

All-In-One Water Filter Systems:

Advanced Multi-Stage Filtration: Certified to Reduce Contaminants
Alkaline Water Filter: Helps Restore Natural Acid/Alkaline Balance
De-Cluster Water Molecules: Enhances Absorption and Hydration
Re-Nature Your Water: Drink ‘Pi’ Water (aka Living Water) as Nature Intended

portable water bottle filter

Natural Water Filter

Science that replicates nature to create clean, naturally energised, oxygenated, alkaline, mineral-rich water into your home or office. Fresh, spring-like water, as nature intended.

hiking water bottle filter

Alkaline, Structured Water

Alkaline water in smaller groups / micro clusters of water molecules absorbs more quickly into your cells and hydrates you faster than any other form of water.

travel water bottle filter

Advanced Filtration

Multi-Stage water filter certified to reduce contaminants at levels that meet or exceeds standards of filtration, with Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certification.

10% discount when you order Nikken’s PiMag Water filters as a Water Pack

Enjoy the full range of Nikken’s PiMag Water Filtration Systems and benefit from a 10% discount when you buy the Nikken Water Pack. Includes PiMag Waterfall Countertop Filter plus one replacement Waterfall Filter Cartridge, PiMag MicroJet Shower Filter plus one MicroJet Shower Replacement Filter Cartridge, PiMag Water Bottle Filter plus two Bottle Replacement Filters

portable water bottle filter

PiMag Waterfall Filter

Countertop, Gravity Fed Water Filter for the home or office

hiking water bottle filter

PiMag MicroJet Shower

PiMag Water, clean, filtered water for your Shower

travel water bottle filter

PiMag Water Bottle

Clean, filtered, PiMag Water on-the-go

Only Available from Nikken

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