The Only Water Bottle that Combines Three Technologies

Alkaline, Structured Water PLUS Nano-Filtration

A Portable, Travel Water Bottle Filter:

Alkalisation: Increased pH Helps Maintain Body’s Acid/Alkaline Balance
Advanced Nano-Filtration: Removes Contaminants, Pathogens & Micro-Plastics
Declustering Water Particles: Enhances Absorption and Hydration

travel water bottle filter

A Travel Bottle Filter

Suitable for international travel where you may be refilling your water bottle in areas with questionable water quality.

hiking water bottle filter

A Sport Bottle Filter

The light-weight bottle creates Alkaline Water, great for optimum hydration while playing sports.

portable water bottle filter

A Portable Bottle Filter

Stay hydrated on the commute to work with fresh, filtered, Alkaline Water on-the-go.

Alkaline Water Bottle

Everyone knows that drinking Alkaline water is important – this water bottle not only filters out Contaminants, Pathogens AND Micro-Plastics, but will also TRANSFORM your water into Alkaline Antioxidant Water that is Micro-Clustered and Structured, with zero waste.

pH Comparison Chart

Alkaline Water

Containing Nikken PiMag® Water Technology, the PiMag® Bottle filter adjusts the water’s pH value to alkaline 8.5-9.5 range.


Alkaline water helps your body to maintain the natural acid/alkaline balance in the body.


Antioxidant-rich water helps you to flush out toxins more effectively.

Structured Water

Magnetic Field Technology helps to break up clusters of water molecules and energises your drinking water to create Structured Water.


Smaller clusters of water molecules are easier to for your body to absorb, improves bio-availability, and therefore hydrates better.

Nano-Filtration Technology

State-of-the-art, Nano-Filtration Technology was originally developed for NASA, and offers exceptional quality filtration in a portable water bottle that you can use wherever you go.

Certified to Reduce Contaminants

The patent pending, state-of-the-art, nano-filtration technology was originally developed for NASA. The advanced Charged Layer Membrane (CLM) filters out Contaminants, Pathogens (bacteria, protozoa & virus), and Micro-Plastics.

This means you can take it anywhere and even fill up in areas with questionable water quality.

Eco-Friendly Bottle Filter

The PiMag® bottle is a reusable bottle and each filter lasts for approx. 250 refills. This is roughly 3 months of average use.

It is also made from a unique BPA free resin. In addition, on the off-chance that you lose your PiMag® Bottle, it is fully biodegradable. It breaks down into natural biomass that contributes to the soil’s nutrients.

pimag water bottle filter with tennis pro
“A great bottle filter – portable, handy for travel and sport. I’ve had mine for several years now, I just wash it regularly and replace the filter. Great savings for the environment and money!”

– E Y, Sussex

“I have been using Nikken PiMag water system for over 8 years and it is the best investment I have ever made when it comes to water filtering systems”

– D F, London
water bottle filter


Three Technologies in One Filter

  • Alkalisation
  • Nano-Filtration
  • De-Clustering

621ml Capacity

NOW $ 70.00 (incl. Filter Cartridge)

Additional Information and Product Spec


  • PiMag Water Technology
  • Patent-pending Nano-Filtration
  • Patent-pending Alkalizing Media
  • Declustering
  • Patented Biogreen materials for bottling

Gauss Strength per Magnet: 4,200 gauss (4 magnets)

Capacity: 21 ounces / 600 ml

Materials Contained In Product:
Carbon and zeolite filter media, pi minerals, biodegradable and recyclable polymers.

How to Use:
Remove cap and fill bottle with water to fill line. Replace cap, raise drinking spout, and squeeze bottle. Read instructions before first use.

Each filter lasts for up to an estimated 250 refills, or approximately 152 litres or 3 months of average use.


  • Particulates (clarity, sediment): exceeds standard
  • Chlorine reduction: exceeds standard
  • Chloramine reduction: exceeds standard
  • Taste and odour reduction: exceeds standard
  • Cyst reduction: exceeds standard
  • Lead reduction: exceeds standard
  • Bacteria reduction: exceeds standard (more than 99.99%)
  • VOCs: exceeds standard
  • MTBE: exceeds standard