A Countertop PiMag Water Filter that Transforms Tap Water into fresh, spring-like water that is easy to drink and tastes like a ‘mountain stream’
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All-In-One Water Filter System

for fresh, pure, spring-like water, lighter and more pleasant to drink
and really good for health.

Advanced Multi-Stage Filtration: Certified to Reduce Contaminants
Alkaline Water Filter: Helps Restore Natural Acid/Alkaline Balance
De-Clusters Water Molecules: Enhances Absorption and Hydration
Re-Nature Your Water: Drink ‘Pi’ Water (or ‘ Living Water’) as Nature Intended

portable water bottle filter

Natural Water Filter

Science that replicates nature to create clean, naturally energised, oxygenated, alkaline, mineral-rich water into your home or office. Fresh, spring-like water, as nature intended.

hiking water bottle filter

Alkaline, Structured Water

Alkaline water in smaller groups / micro clusters of water molecules absorbs more quickly into your cells and hydrates you faster than any other form of water.

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Advanced Filtration

Multi-Stage water filter certified to reduce contaminants at levels that meet or exceed standards of filtration, with Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certification.

The single BEST investment in your family’s health.

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Alkaline Water Filter

Everyone knows that drinking Alkaline water is important – this water filter not only filters out Contaminants, but will also TRANSFORM your water into Alkaline Antioxidant Water that is Micro-Clustered and Structured, with zero waste.

pH Comparison Chart

Alkaline Water

Containing Nikken PiMag ® Water Filter Technology, the PiMag ® Waterfall water filter has multiple layers of alkalising media that help to adjust the water’s pH value to alkaline 8.5-9.5 range.


Alkaline water helps to maintain the natural acid/alkaline balance in the body.


Antioxidant-rich water helps you to flush out toxins more effectively.

Structured Water

Magnetic Field Technology helps to break up clusters of water molecules and energises your drinking water to create Structured Water.


Smaller clusters of water molecules are easier for your body to absorb, improves bio-availability, and therefore hydrates better.

Mineral Water

A bed of mineral stones helps to release oxygen, and further regulate the water’s pH so it is slightly Alkaline (8.5-9.5)

Natural Water Filtration with Silver Activated Carbon

State-of-the-art, multi-stage natural water filter creates clean, alkaline, mineral-rich, ionised, energised and oxygenated water.


Charcoal carbon is a natural material that operates on the adsorption principle. The PiMag Waterfall filter uses the large surface area of the charcoal carbon as an extremely effective method of natural filtration. It captures microscopic particles with activated carbon, removing chemicals and other impurities naturally.


Activated carbon is a natural material made by processing charcoal in an oxygen-rich environment to create an even greater surface area.

The PiMag Waterfall uses Silver Activated Charcoal to reduce bacteria and to inhibit their growth. It also ionises the water and increases the antioxidant potential.

Mineral Water Filter

The final stages of the water filter involve Clay and Bio-Ceramic Beads, Mineral Stones, Silica Sand, Ion Exchange Resin, KDF material and Magnetic Field Technologies. These all work together to regulate the water’s pH and make it more Alkaline. They add essential minerals to create mineral water as found in nature. They also help to break up the clusters of water molecules so they are more easily absorbed into the cells and hydrate better. They will also naturally soften your water without the use of chemicals and salt.

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