Take everyday activities

and optimise them for health

Health Indoors is about creating awareness of simple things you can do yourself to take control of your own health, your own wellbeing, for more energy and more balance in all areas of life.

Our environment, our homes, our lifestyles – these are all factors which impact our health. These are also all areas that we have control over. We can choose a healthy environment to live in, a healthy lifestyle to live and therefore choose

We often rely on doctors and medical professionals to make us better, when really there are so many things that we can do ourselves for our own health, before it gets to that stage. Historically, a chinese doctor would be paid to keep their patients healthy. And when a patient became sick, the doctor would not be paid until the patient’s health returned. Doctor’s had a more invested interest in their patients living a healthy lifestyle, preventative methods of maintaining health, rather than dealing with a problem after it has has a detrimental affect.

To find out more, why not join us at one of our regular Health Indoors Open House events to experience safe, simple, effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Drinking Water

drinking water
Drinking water is a daily activity that most of us don’t need to think about.

If you are finding it hard to drink enough water each day, why not try looking at the quality of the water you are drinking.

Home Assessment

EMF-radiation-at-homeA Home Assessment is a simple process to help you identify the potential issues within your home.

Find out how your body is being affected by the electricity in your home, the electrical frequencies of modern communication systems, as well as the natural radiation from the earth (also known as Geopathic Stress).