Harmonise EMFs with Memon

Protect the things that are valuable to you – from electrosmog, mobile phone radiation, air pollution and fine particulate matter, water pollution and geopathic stress

Renature your Environment

Complete protection from the negative effects of electrosmog. Harmonise the effects of radiation exposure with improvements in air and water quality. Bring the quality of your indoor environment into harmony with nature once again with memon.

memonizerMOBILE effectively protects from the Negative Effects of High-Frequency (HF) Radiation (electrosmog)

Description from left: In normal circumstances, the red blood cells move around freely (image, left). After about five minutes, the flow speed of the blood worsens due to the so-called “rouleaux formation” effect” (image, centre). After five minutes of telephone use with the memonizerMOBILE, the blood circulation returns to normal.

Mobile phone use and Memon

This 1 minute video shows live blood taken from a volunteer. The first sample is before using a mobile phone.

The second sample is AFTER making a 15 minute mobile phone call. The blood is static and clumped together.
The FINAL blood sample shown is after a SECOND 15 minute mobile phone call. But for the duration of THIS call, a memonizerMOBILE was installed in the phone.
The blood flows freely again!

How does Memon work?

Leading cell biologist, Professor Dartsch demonstrates the protective effects of memonizer technologies on live cells.

For more information on how Memon Technology works for EMF protection, please click here: How Does Memon Work?

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Please note that the technologies presented here (for example water memory, homeopathy and bio-resonance) do not necessarily conform to the mainstream scientific doctrine. This includes the frontier concepts of ‘information’s’ and ‘pathogenic information’s’ of which the bulk of the establishment is yet to understand or confirm. memon technology is not intended to act as a medical instrument or healing device, nor a substitute for a nutrient rich, organic and healthy diet and lifestyle.

Please also note that any testimonials presented here are done so purely as an ‘experience from the point of view of others’ to share in their own unedited words, as asked for by a multitude of visitors. They are not intended to be, or to be confused with; a description of the working of memon devices, imply validation, or results, of the working function and action of memonizer technology, a demonstration/validation/confirmation of the possible existence of harmful informational effects from electromagnetic waves or in water and their remedy by memonizer devices in anyway.