Nikken KenkoDream ® Quilt

Nikken’s KenkoDream Quilt is a perfectly balanced Duvet for any climate.

Bring your Sleep Environment closer to Nature

The KenkoDream Quilt features all three of Nikken’s advanced technologies woven into a duvet that not only regulates temperature but also, when combined with the Naturest Kenkopad Mattress Topper, completes the cocoon of energy supporting a deeply relaxing and restorative sleep experience developed by Nikken’s research team.

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Science that replicates nature to help counterbalance the effect of our diminished contact with the Earth’s magnetic field, enabling you to sleep cocooned within conditions that more closely corresponds to nature. Complements the magnetic field of the Naturest® Kenkopad®.

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Far Infared

Temperature Regulation with Far-Infrared Technology uses ceramic coated, reflective fibres to absorb heat energy from the environment (e.g body heat) and radiate it back as gentle, calming warmth. These fibres can also release any excess heat, helping you to maintain a constant temperature that’s not too hot or too cold.

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Negative Ions

Negative Ions can help to clear airborne allergens such as mould spores, pollen, and dust, and are generally associated with the calm relaxation of natural environments such as forests or by the sea, to provide you with the sensation of sleeping in nature.

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