Nikken KenkoDream ® Quilt

Nikken’s KenkoDream Quilt is specifically designed for a relaxing, healthier and ultimately refreshing sleep created by Nikken, the Sleep Research company, specialising in quality sleep for 45 years.

Bring your Sleep Environment closer to Nature

When you sleep really deeply, your brain starts to recharge. Your learning and memory are enhanced. And when you spend enough time in the deepest stages of sleep, your muscular coordination and immune systems also benefit.

Experience better, more beneficial sleep when you sleep under a KenkoDream Quilt every night

Comfort for all Climates

Naturally, it has a breathable cotton cover, but ceramic reflective fibres also absorb excess heat, reflecting it back as a gentle warmth whenever it’s required or releasing any excess heat to maintain a constant level of temperature comfort. You’ll neither be too warm nor too cold, as your body’s temperature will be perfectly balanced.

Overcome Stress and Discomfort

A magnetic layer enhances the Earth’s natural energy field, helping you to overcome stress, discomfort and low energy levels. Once you introduce the KenkoDream Quilt into your life you’ll not only notice how quickly you fall asleep, but also how you wake up feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and looking forward to a new day!

Transform your health in your sleep

The KenkoDream Quilt is much more than a top-of-the-line quilt. Three technologies that harness the benefits of nature are all woven into the quilt.

Magnetics, Far-Infrared and Negative Ions combine to cocoon you in the energy or the earth, the sun and the air to bring all the subtle benefits of nature to help you sleep deeply and restore energy and wellbeing every night.

Magnetic Field Technology
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The magnetic array throughout the quilt creates a subtle field of magnetic energy for relaxation and relief of discomfort.

As well as improving the quality of sleep, it means that all sorts of aches and complaints can be eased over time as the body is cocooned within conditions that more closely corresponds to nature

Far Infrared Technology
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Temperature Regulation with Far-Infrared Technology uses ceramic coated, reflective fibres to absorb heat energy from the environment (e.g body heat) and radiate it back as gentle, calming warmth to help soothe the body throughout the night.

This helps to ease tension, helping you to sleep deeply and if woken in the night, get back to sleep.

These fibres can also release any excess heat, helping you to maintain a constant temperature that’s not too hot or too cold.

Negative Ion Technology
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The KenkoDream Quilt increases the sensation of wellbeing by releasing negative ions to provide you with the sensation of sleeping in nature. Walking through a forest or beside a waterfall is relaxing because the air in these places contains high amounts of negative ions. Nikken applied this idea to the Kenko Dream Quilt, adding Ionic Comfort Technology.
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