Naturest Kenkopad Mattress Topper

Nikken’s Naturest Kenkopad – Advanced Sleep Technologies designed to create a cocoon of natural energies to help you get a restful, refreshing sleep every night

Bring your Sleep Environment closer to Nature

Nikken’s Naturest Kenkopad sleep technology features an arrangement of magnets inspired by the Earth’s natural magnetic flow to help balance your sleep area and make your surroundings more naturally conducive to healthy, restful sleep.

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Science that replicates nature to help counterbalance the effect of our diminished contact with the Earth’s magnetic field, enabling you to sleep cocooned within conditions that more closely corresponds to nature.

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Natural Materials

Made from blended Non-Allergenic latex foam, the cover is woven from all-natural fibres, fully renewable cotton, wool and bamboo fibres, produced without chemical pesticides or insecticides.

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Breathable and Supportive

Shaped nodules, made with latex that is hypoallergenic and resistant to microbial growth and dust mites, create the ideal degree of firmness. The effect is a relaxing massage while you sleep, that gently stimulates and makes the body more receptive to relaxation.

naturest kenkopad magnetic mattress topper

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