PiMag® MicroJet Shower

Replace your existing shower head in minutes with the PiMag® Shower Water Filter,
for clean, chlorine-free showers.

A Shower Water Filter that Neutralises Chlorine

The PiMag® MicroJet® Shower Water Filter uses a simple yet efficient technology to help neutralise chlorine.

shower water filter

Air Induction Technology

Chlorine-reduction systems in other shower filters merely trap most of the chlorine or add other chemicals to counteract it.

The PiMag® MicroJet® uses a reduction/oxidation process to convert free-radical chlorine ions to neutral chlorides.

In addition to this, it uses patent-pending Air-Induction Technology, which injects air into the shower stream to increase the electronegative potential of the water, for more effective filtration.


Air induction also creates a higher air-to-water ratio, which means that the water passes through the nozzle with less resistance and helps to maintain water pressure without requiring a higher flow rate.

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