Nikken Powerband

Bracelet & Necklace

The Nikken PowerBand is a comfortable magnetic bracelet that also incorporates far infrared and negative ion technologies

Nikken Powerband

Made with a lightweight silicone rubber core combined with ceramic, tourmaline and static magnets.

Far Infrared
Negative ions

Unisex and in neutral black, the Nikken PowerBand® looks good on both men and women. Versatile in its construction, two or more Nikken PowerBand® necklaces can be connected by their clasps to create a double necklace, multi-layered wristband or even a belt.

I used two small powerband bracelets and clipped them together to use for my children as a teething necklace. They’ve worn them since they were 4 months old and we never had an issue with teething. They still wear them 8 years later and I think it helps keep them grounded.

I know other people who have found that they feel relief from their anxiety, bringing a sense of calm. Or some report it is helping them to get to sleep. People have even found it helps with their pets – nervous dogs may not bark so much.

Suitable for children, teenagers, adults…

nikken powerband

Bracelet Size:
Regular: 7.5 in /19 cm +/- 0.5 cm
Large: 8.7 in /22 cm +/- 0.5 cm

Necklace Size:
19.7 in / 50 cm

Magnets, nylon, silicone rubber, strontium ferrite, polyamide, tourmaline, ceramic, stainless steel.

800 gauss

Easy wash and dry
Unisex comfort/style
Versatile connectors

Nikken Powerband Review

Professional athletes, amateur athletes and thousands of other men and women have discovered magnetic bracelets. Many sport bracelets or necklaces include magnets, but the Nikken Powerband combines this with lightweight silicone rubber core as well as ceramic and tourmaline — to provide a combination of high technology and advanced design.

MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY: The Nikken PowerBand has TriPhase Technology, A Nikken innovation that combines magnetic components with far-infrared energy and negative ions. Nikken Kenko Magnetic Technology employs a spaced array of magnets inspired by Earth’s magnetic field.

INFRARED TECHNOLOGY: Nikken Far-Infrared Technology reflects energy in the far-infrared portion of the spectrum, for a gentle warming effect.

NEGATIVE-ION TECHNOLOGY: releases the type of negative ions that are present in natural settings such as forests or near waterfalls, and provide a tranquil, relaxed feeling.

COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: The silicone rubber core is soft and comfortable yet holds up to wear. A nylon outer shell is breathable and porous, to permit the flow of air. The lightweight design makes an ideal for wear during sports, and adds to its appeal with athletes and active people everywhere.

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