Do you worry about EMFs and 5G coming into your home?

Are you concerned about your long-term health?

Do you feel tired, headachy, anxious, have trouble sleeping?

Do you want to know what solutions are available to help reduce the risks from EMFs?


In most cases there are ways to mitigate the effects from EMFs but it helps to know the extent of the problem and be able to discuss the solutions with an experienced professional.

Book an EMF Survey to help you identify the levels of EMFs coming into your home, the sources of EMFs within your home, what your body is picking up from your environment and suggest ways to address any issues that are identified.

An EMF Survey will identify:

High Frequency (HF) Radiation:
from Mobile Phone masts, Wi-Fi routers, Wireless devices – internal and external sources and what you can do yourself to reduce your exposure during the day.

Low Frequency (LF) Radiation:
from internal wiring, house electrical appliances – we tend find this to be an issue in 90 to 95% of homes.

Electro-Magnetic Fields:
from power cables and wiring (running past the property, to the property and to some extend within the property), solar panels and inverters (only possible during the day) and more.

Dirty Electricity:
created by electronics and other electrical devices that have to change or manipulate standard electrical current in one or another in order to operate and results in spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy traveling along power lines and building wiring.

Geopathic Stress:
the variety of energies emanating from the Earth that rise up and become distorted by man-made and natural sources which can cause ill health in human beings.


EMF Surveys in Sussex and the South East. We are based in Forest Row, East Sussex, but often travel further afield to conduct EMF surveys in Surrey, Kent, East and West Sussex, London.

We will guide you through the investigative process of identifying potential sources of radiation in your home.

We will also offer advice and develop a plan with appropriate solutions that suit your lifestyle and budget.


EMF Survey Appointments:

An EMF Survey can take anywhere between 2 – 4 hours depending on the size of the house and the number of bedrooms you wish us to look at.

EMF Survey Costs:

EMF Home Survey:
£245 plus travel.

Concessionary rates are available – please ask for details.

Amelia Coe

Amelia Coe


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