How Can I Make Structured Water?

Structured Water – Nature Prefers Hexagons

Structured Water or Hexagonal Water is how pure clean water exists in nature.

This is the water that when frozen and pictured under a microscope will appear in perfect symmetry, as a hexagon and like a snowflake.

Structured water is vibrantly alive.

It’s important to understand that water in this structured form has an electric charge that in turn recharges the liquid battery of the body.

Our body is at least 70% water and replenishing this with charged, structured, living water has a huge impact on our energy and wellbeing.

Better hydration

Coherently structured water allows for better hydration and cell-to-cell communication. It enters the cells more easily and carries a lot more energy.

We therefore don’t need to drink quite as much to gain proper hydration as the water is absorbed better.

Spring water is naturally charged and structured but won’t hold its charge for long – so bottled spring water won’t have that structure maintained – it’s better to drink spring water at source.

Movement is what keeps water alive

If you watch water flow in nature, it meanders and spirals, always wanting to return to a sphere. You can watch it cascade over rocks, forming eddies and vortexes and as it flows water rejuvenates itself.

Once it becomes structured, the water needs to absorb energy from the environment, from light and magnetics and minerals in order to retain its coherent structure.

Water in nature is vibrating at frequencies that are different to water that has come to a standstill – whether it is stored in tanks at the treatment plant or sitting in bottles on supermarket shelves.

It is the continuous movement of water and the frequencies of nature that allow water to renew itself and retain its harmonic structure.

How can I make structured water?

There are various ways to make structured water at home, return water to its structured form – one way is to use magnetic field energy once the tap water has been purified.

A good filter purifies water and then energises it to create living water.

Adding certain minerals and special light emitting bio-ceramic materials that emit far-infrared will ensure the water is maintained as energised living water.

Nikken’s PiMag Water systems are one example of home and portable water filters that create structured water.

PiMag water filters include bio-ceramic beads and clays that reflect far-infared light, silica sands, minerals and a magnetic field to create micro-clustered, structured water and means you can have all the benefits of drinking pure water that replicates nature.

Dive in!

As well as drinking water, we can get into the water. Swimming in the sea or in rivers and streams makes us feel so alive – partly because it can be so cold but mostly because we are immersing ourselves in nature’s structured water.

Paddling also counts – not quite so effective but definitely relaxing and rejuvenating.

There are also ancient customs whereby people go to the healing waters to bathe or visit healing wells and springs.

Spas and hot spring cures are also popular, with each one promising different outcomes depending on the minerals and other properties of the water.

How long does structured water last?

Structured water can maintain its form for many days but it depends entirely on its environment.

If water is piped in straight lines it will quickly lose its structured form. If it is exposed to disruptive forces such as electromagnetic frequencies (from kitchen appliances, wifi, cell-phones, microwave ovens, computers etc) this can disrupt the crystalline structure.

As mentioned, structured water needs to absorb energy from the environment, from light and magnetics and minerals in order to retain its coherent structure.

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