How to Shield and Protect from EMFs

Shielding from EMFs is essentially about placing a barrier between you / your family and the source(s) of the EMFs. Because of the modern environment we all live in, the modern technologies that we all use and enjoy it is very difficult to get away and shield from EMFs for day to day living.

For most people, the priority is to look at your sleeping environment and shield from EMFs in your bedroom. This is to ensure you are shielded from EMFs during those key hours of sleep when your body is doing massive repair work from all the day-time activity.

There are two mains ways you can create this barrier to shield from EMFs. Both methods involve creating a “faraday cage” so the EMFs can’t penetrate through.

  1. Shielding paint on walls and ceiling. Shielding fleece or mesh on floor (under carpet)
  2. Bed Canopies that shield from EMFs (both HF and LF essential)

There are also many different types of shielding material are available on the market.

It is important to know:

  • which shielding materials are right for your circumstances
  • how much shielding material you will need, and
  • how to install the shielding materials correctly

If you are unsure about any of the above information with regards to the EMF shielding in your home, please feel free to get in touch and ask.

To find out about the levels of EMF radiation and how best to shield from EMFs in your home, find out about our Home Assessments where we can identify the problem areas for you as well as advise on the best solutions to suit your circumstances and budget.

In addition to bedroom shielding, I offer plug-in devices from Memon which harmonise the damaging aspects of the EMF and can have a beneficial effect throughout the house during the day time – click here for details.

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